How Vita Home Spa works.

Vita Home Spa provides the most luxurious spa experiences at the comfort of your home, for true relaxation and rejuvenation.

We create unique spa journeys catered to each client's needs, from pampering aromatherapy to deep tissue massage or slimming treatments.

Our skilled therapists use special Thai techniques, with only 100% natural, toxin-free oils to achieve optimum results while leaving your skin nourished.

Below are the steps you will experience during your Vita treatment:

1. The set up

Our therapists will come to your home with all the equipment needed to perform your massage. They will need approximately 10 minutes to set up the massage bed, the oil and some other surprises that await you in your experience :)

2. The beginning

Once the therapists have set up the equipment, they will ask you to select your preferred massage oil before beginning your treatment. Once you have selected your oil scent, they will ask you to lay face down onto the massage bed to commence your treatment. 

3. The massage

Prior to starting the massage, they will ask for your preferred pressure to ensure you are comfortable throughout the massage. Depending on the type of massage you have chosen, our therapists will perform various massage technique to reach the required results, whether you are looking for a relaxing treatment or a deeper release of muscle knots.

4. Finishing the experience

Once your massage has ended, the therapists will need approximately 10 minutes to pack up the equipment and leave your home. 

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